Caravan Water Tank Flow Rate Gauge 12V in-line Sender H2Flow Motorhome RV Boat

Manufacturer Number: H2F-FM

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All applications ’?????? Motorhome, RV, Caravan, Boat: Yes

Topargee Water Tank Flow Rate Gauge and in-line Sender H2Flow


Nothing is Fitted to the Water Tank

  • Ever wondered, "Have I got enough water to stay another one or two days?".  When free camping, we all know the importance of keeping track of exactly how much water is left in your tanks.
  • The new H2Flow Water Tank Gauge features a large backlit screen that actually shows the number of litres remaining in your tank, rather than the traditional full/half/empty display. 
  • This makes it easy to know your average daily water usage and to help plan your next adventure.
  • The good news is the sender is fitted in the hose line and there is nothing fitted to the tank.

Travelers can plan ahead for their journeys by enabling them to check the average number of litres used each day.  You can also check how many litres each person uses in the shower!  It is then easy to calculate how many days you will get out of one tank or if you are already on your journey, look at the remaining litres to determine how many days' supply is available.  This is a valuable safety feature, especially in remote areas as you will know if you need to conserve water or will safely make it to your next destination.  It is also a handy way of ensuring you won't run out of water mid-shower! 

Installation is very simple. The sender is fitted to the hose line and the good news is there is nothing fitted to the tank!  This solves the problem of having to remove the tank, drill holes, remove filings, seal sender holes, ongoing cleaning/maintenance, etc.

Another advantage is if that if you have multiple tanks or add more tanks at any stage you can simply change the programmed amount to suit your new capacity. 

The H2Flow Water Tank Gauge is 12 volt, and it is good practice to connect this to the same power source as your water pump.


1. Sender leads cannot be cut and joined, extension leads must be used.
2. It can be used in conjunction with your current system to accurately know your capacity and usage.
3. N.B. Does not include hose connectors, see Connecting Sender Unit images.

Our new RV senders and electronics are compatible with all commonly available RV and marine water pumps and will even work with gravity fed systems.

  • Color: Black       
  • Power: 12V only              
  • Mounting: Recessed Mount
  • Larger Screen: Yes     
  • Sender Lead: 1.4 Meters     
  • Sender Extension Lead Option: Yes (1.4 and 3 metres available)
  • All applications ' Motorhome, RV, Caravan, Boat: Yes
  • The display can show Gallons or Litres: Yes

Current use at 12v:

  • 8mA with the backlight LED on, Only stays on for 10 Sec.
  • 3mA with the backlight LED off, goes to sleep 10 sec after flow stops.
  • 8 micro amps when asleep.  (1,000 micro amps=1 mAmp) (1,000 mAmps= 1 Amp)
  • Take the guesswork out of your water supply.
  • Displays number of litres left in your water tank.
  • Counts down litre by litre from a present amount.
  • Know your daily usage in litres.
  • Know how much is used for washing, shower, etc.
  • Essential for bush/free camping

12 Month Manufacturers Warranty

What's in the box?

  • 1x Water Tank Gauge and In-line Sender
Model # H2F-FM
Brand Topargee
Shipping Weight 0.3000kg
Shipping Width 0.160m
Shipping Height 0.080m
Shipping Length 0.090m
Shipping Cubic 0.001152000m3

Water Tank Gauge

By: on 29 August 2020
Not knowing how much water is left in my camper water tank has been a perpetual worry, particularly when out bush. This Autobox Water Tank Gauge was fitted with ease and it works a treat. I now know how much water I have left, which is important when out bush with no water on tap. Autobox were very helpful with my questions and efficient with their dispatch. I am very satisfied with this product and with Autobox. I also bought the 1.4 metre cable extension lead, just in case it was needed during the fitting. I now retain this as a spare.

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