Car Gauges

Car gauges play an important role in keeping your ride operating optimally. They allow you to monitor your vehicle’s vitals and take care of any problems as soon as they arise. Gauges in older vehicles are often inaccurate, or they don’t work at all. Replacing a faulty gauge might be a matter of convenience or necessity. Autobox offers a range of gauges to fit your car and keep it purring.

Buy a Quality Boost Gauge for Less

Boost gauges measure the pressure of air in the manifold or boost pressure in the turbocharger or supercharger in an internal combustion engine. This measurement is important because too much boost can kill your car’s engine. This is true for any type of engine and any boost range. The right boost gauge for your car depends on its boost range, which is measured in psi.

We carry a range of boost gauges to accommodate a wide range of vehicle types. We keep many gauges in stock and ready to ship so you don’t wait a long time to receive your replacement part. If you aren’t sure which style of gauge is right for you, contact us for help. We strive to offer you the solutions you need to optimise your ride.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to Replace Your Temperature Gauge

A temperature gauge measures the temperature of the coolant. It works in conjunction with a pressure gauge to help you monitor your cooling system. Problems that occur with the system such as stuck thermometers or failing pumps exhibit inaccuracies in these measurements. If your car is using excessive coolant without giving any abnormal temperature readings, you probably need to replace the temperature gauge.

Any driver knows the importance of having an accurate fuel gauge. Without one, you never know when you have enough petrol to make it to your next stop. If it isn’t working accurately, you can’t know when you have a full tank or you’re driving on fumes.  

Some clues that you need a fuel gauge replacement include reading empty or full at all times. Fluctuating at random times is another sign the gauge isn’t working correctly. This isn’t a problem that will directly harm your vehicle. It can put you in harm’s way, however, if you run out of fuel in the middle of traffic or in a deserted area. Always know how much fuel you have in your car with a new gauge from Autobox.

Autobox keeps a wide range of gauges in stock and ready to ship for many types of cars. If you need help buying a replacement gauge, contact us today. We’ll help you get the right part and get it on its way to you quickly and at the best price.