Caravan Awnings

A caravan privacy screen provides a dual purpose. First, it can help block you from the hot Australian sun when you're out on your latest adventure. Second, it blocks the view of anyone around your caravan to give you an excellent private area to relax in. With several sizes available from your favourite brands like Supex and Coast, you're sure to find one that fits your caravan quickly and easily. 

Our Caravan Shade Screens Can Keep You Cool

One problem with taking your caravan out is that the metal design can cause it to heat up quickly, especially when the sun comes out. Since our caravan shade screens attach to your awning on the side of your caravan, it effectively creates a pool of shade to the side of the caravan. In turn, you'll be able to feel cool and comfortable, no matter how hot the sun is. 

We offer several different sizes and colours including black and silver or grey. They all come with reinforced stitching with hemmed edges to increase the durability factor, and you get everything you need to set it up and hold it in place. This includes pegs and ropes plus a handy storage bag to keep it in one piece in the off-season. The attachment pieces also come reinforced, and this ensures that it lasts from season to season.

Caravan Awning Privacy Screens Allow You to Seclude Yourself

When you go caravanning, privacy can be a big issue. This is especially true if you end up in a caravan park with dozens of other people. It can be hard to get the privacy you need to truly enjoy your experience, and this is where our caravan awning privacy screens come in. 

These caravan privacy screens fold out and down to give you a small secluded area right at the sideof your caravan. You'll be able to step out your door and get a small shaded and private area to sit back, relax and enjoy the gorgeous Australian weather. Since they come in a few colour and size options, it's easy to customise your caravan shade screen to suit your wants and needs. The included warranty is another nice perk that can give you peace of mind. The three-year warranty allows you to return or exchange your caravan awning privacy screen quickly and easily. 

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Don't let another caravanning season go by without adding a durable and dependable caravan shade screen to your setup! Instead, take a look at our extensive stock and pick out the caravan cover that suits your wants and needs. 

Stay comfortable and make your own small private area with Autobox's line of caravan privacy screens. We invite you to browse our products and reach out if you have any questions or concerns today!