4x4 Gauges

Keeping an Eye on Your Engine's Health: Benefits of the dual digital gauges from Autobox.

For any 4WD enthusiast, keeping a close eye on engine vitals is crucial. That's where SAAS Trax Dual Digital Gauges come in. These innovative gauges offer a winning combination of functionality and style, making them a must-have for any driver who takes pride in their vehicle.

Dual Tracking, Double the Peace of Mind:
The beauty of SAAS Trax Gauges lies in their ability to display two critical readings in a single, compact unit. This frees up valuable space while still providing you with vital information. Imagine monitoring both oil pressure and water temperature simultaneously – a breeze with Trax Gauges.

Beyond the Basics:
Trax gauges aren't limited to just temperature and pressure. Depending on the specific model, you can track exhaust gas temperatures, turbo boost, and even dual voltage gauges.  This comprehensive data ensures you stay informed about your engine's health, allowing you to identify potential issues before they snowball into major problems.

Customizable for You:
Trax gauges go beyond just displaying data. They allow you to set programmable warnings for each parameter. If, for instance, your oil pressure dips below a safe threshold, the gauge will trigger an audible or visual alert, prompting you to take immediate action.

Getting You Back on the Road Faster: Autobox Steps Up
Let's face it, time spent waiting for parts is time wasted. That's why choosing Autobox as your supplier for SAAS Trax Gauges is a smart move. Renowned for their extensive stock and same day delivery, Autobox gets you the parts you need quickly, minimizing downtime and getting you back on the road or track doing what you love – driving!

SAAS Trax Dual Digital Gauges provide a winning combination of functionality and style, keeping you informed about your engine's health. Couple that with Autobox's unbeatable service, fast delivery and massive range of combinations available you've got a recipe for peak performance and peace of mind. So upgrade your ride today and see the SAAS Trax difference – with Autobox getting you there faster.

Do you drive a four-wheel-drive vehicle the way it was meant to be driven? Perhaps you spend much of your time off road, or at least off the beaten path? If so, then you absolutely need to know what’s going on under the bonnet or within the chassis. After all, your 4x4 is a complex piece of machinery and it relies on all of those components working together in harmony – and especially when the pressure is on. If you’re going to be fully in charge of your ride and look after it as much as possible, you need a lot of information. This means that you should fit a series of 4WD gauges, to keep you in the loop at all times.

What 4x4 Gauges Should You Be Using?


If you think that the gauge fitted to your vehicle as standard will be up to the task, you may be in for a rude awakening. Most “stock” gauges provide only low-level feedback, but you will want a lot more precise information than that. An aftermarket gauge gives you a very accurate reading, so that you can take action before any problem becomes too expensive.

Exhaust Gas

This type of gauge is more sophisticated and is meant to check the temperature of the exhaust gas within the engine. It will tell you if something is amiss, whether your mixture is out, or whether you are putting the engine under too much pressure at that point. This one is probably even more important than the coolant gauge.

Turbo Boost

This gauge lets you know how much pressure is being supplied by your turbocharger and is especially important if you have any other, aftermarket modifications, like an intercooler or tuning module. You’ll want to ensure that the boost is never too high, as this can cause engine damage.

Oil Pressure

This one is definitely an early warning siren, because if your oil pressure drops too far or climbs too high you are going to have problems either way. High pressure may indicate a serious blockage, while low pressure could indicate contamination, but this gauge will certainly be more accurate than the traditional light on your dashboard.

4WD Gauges from Autobox

Autobox has a large number of 4x4 gauges for a wide variety of vehicles. You can choose to fit an individual gauge or several into a custom-made pod, which we can also supply to you. Autobox also has fitting accessories, like an oil pressure gauge adapter/sender kit or sandwich plate, to help you get everything hooked up.

Get All Your Accessories from Autobox

Check out our website to view our broad range of accessories for your car or truck. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or if you want any more information about 4x4 gauges.

Twin Gauge Dash Pod w/ Dual Boost Ex Temp & Oil Water for Patrol 97-04 GU Y61
SKU: SGP4207-SG611240-SG613020

Twin Gauge Dash Pod w/ Dual Boost Ex Temp & Oil Water for Patrol 97-04 GU Y61