Caravan Tables

When you set off on a trip in your caravan or camper, you may have many of the creature comforts that you’re used to at home, but you will still have to get used to a different way of life. After all, you only have a certain amount of room when you are mobile and need to make sure that you are as efficient as possible, if everyone is going to enjoy the adventure. Before you go, therefore, it is a good idea to stock up with some accessories that will help you achieve your goal and make the most of what space you do have. To begin with, make sure that you have caravan tables that are purpose-made to be both practical and to be unobtrusive when not in use.

Caravan Tables for Your Adventure

Caravan tables come in all shapes and sizes, and Autobox has a variety in stock for you to choose from. For example, you could pick a caravan folding table that can be fitted to the outside of your vehicle using pop rivets or screws, and without having to cut into the side of your vehicle to do so. This is most suitable for camper vans, motorhomes, pop tops or caravans and is made from lightweight ABS plastic, with stainless steel components.

This caravan table may be relatively lightweight when it is installed, but it can still hold up to 25 kg and this is not to be underestimated. After all, you’ll want to enjoy your picnic lunch outside with peace of mind.

Or you might choose to install a fridge slider inside your caravan, so that you can pull it out as and when needed. Some of these products have an integrated cutting board and are perfect for food preparation. They’re made from high quality, powder coated steel sitting on heavy duty rollers and your product will come with mounting bolts and tiedown straps as well. This type of table can be used whether the fridge is extended or closed away.

There again, you might want to activate your hidden motorhome table as easily as possible when you are ready and, in this case, why not get a telescopic and adjustable table leg? This is spring-loaded and simply activated by pressing the foot pump, while you can also swivel the tabletop to any position, using this revolutionary Italian product.

Caravan Table Accessories from Autobox

Autobox has a variety of caravan tables for sale and you should look at our website for further information. If you have any questions, get in touch with us and we will help you to prepare as much as possible for your caravanning adventure.

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