Cold Air Intakes

It's essential that you get excellent airflow to your engine, and your cold air intake is key. At Autobox, we have a range of high quality cold air intake kits in stock and ready to ship throughout Australia. 

Why Maintain Your Cold Air Intake

Cold air intake kits are very popular among auto enthusiasts who want to optimise their engine's performance and power. The combustion requires fuel to burn, some type of heat source to ignite it and air to give your engine a good oxygen supply. Air gets drawn into the engine through your vehicle's cold air intake. 

Obviously, the higher quality your air intake is, the better the airflow will be and the more power your engine will have. This is why it's essential that you choose a quality cold air intake and cold air intake filter for your vehicle. This is exactly what you'll find when you shop at Autobox. We have some of the biggest names available for manufacturers including SAAS and Autotecnica. 

Autobox Has Quality Cold Air Intake Kits Available

Our goal is to give our customers a large supply of options that works to improve the life of their engine while making sure you get the best performance each time you drive your vehicle anywhere in Australia. We want to be your one-stop-shop for a cold air intake filter or kit, and we want to make it easy for all of our customers to afford the cold air intakes they need. 

This is why we offer a range of prices, starting at under $20 and going up to over $290. You can pick and choose which cold air intake fits your needs without breaking your budget. Whether you need one cold air intake kit or you need a few, you can get them all from Autobox. With almost 40 options available, you're sure to find the correct cold air intake and cold air intake filter to fit your vehicle. 

We also routinely run promotions and sales on all of our premium stock. Our customers know that they'll get the highest quality cold air intake kits when they shop at Autobox at cost-effective pricing, and this keeps them returning to our shop again and again. We ship throughout Australia to both urban and rural areas, and we've streamlined our shipping process to ensure you get your cold air intake when you need it without a large delay. When you combine this with our buy now, pay later option, it's easy to see why Autobox is so popular. 

Contact Autobox Today! 

If you're ready to add a high-quality cold air intake kit to your vehicle or for a spare, we invite you to browse our extensive stock. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out and get in touch with our staff. We're happy to help in any way we can!