Car Battery Chargers

Nothing is more frustrating than starting to leave home or work only to find the car battery is flat. Even if you drive your vehicle almost every day, it isn’t enough to keep it charged. Buying a car battery charger can help you avoid running into this situation altogether. But, which type of charger is the best for your vehicle?

A Car Battery Charger Can Restore Battery Performance and Extend Battery Life

The biggest reason to buy a personal charger is to prevent breakdowns and have a running car when you need it. It can also keep you from needing a new battery as soon. Chargers work differently, including:

  • Simple – These chargers charge with DC power to the battery constantly over time. They take longer to charge the battery.

  • Trickly – This type of charger supplies a low current over a period of time and is sometimes used to constantly charge to the battery.

  • Timer Based – These types of timers let you set how long it charges and then stops. This prevents overcharging the battery, which causes damage.

  • Intelligent or Smart – Many people believe the best car battery charger available today is a smart charger. This type of charger balances the charge load and optimises the battery charge. Once the battery reaches its maximum capacity, the charger stops. This protects the battery and keeps it operating optimally.

Every type of battery requires a specific type of charging for optimal performance. That means the best battery charger for you depends on your vehicle and the type of battery it uses. For example, nickel cadmium batteries need to be discharged to their minimum cell voltage occasionally to prevent losing their capacity. Lithium-based batteries, on the other hand, perform better with frequent charging.  

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