Unleash Your 4WD's Potential: Performance Boost with Intercooler Upgrade Piping Kits (Same Day Dispatch Available of all in stock items!)

Your 4WD is your trusty companion, conquering tough terrains and demanding adventures. But even the most reliable engine can struggle under pressure. That's where intercooler upgrade piping kits come in.

What's an Intercooler Upgrade Piping Kit?
An intercooler is a vital component in a turbocharged engine. It cools down compressed air leaving the turbocharger, increasing its density and boosting power output. Stock intercooler piping, however, can restrict airflow and hinder performance gains. Upgraded piping kits replace these restrictive elements with larger diameter, mandrel-bent pipes or high-flow silicone hoses.


Benefits of Upgrading Intercooler Piping:
•    Increased Power: Improved airflow translates to better cooling efficiency, allowing your engine to perform at its peak.
•    Reduced Intake Temperatures: Cooler air means denser air, leading to more efficient combustion and power delivery.
•    Improved Throttle Response: Experience sharper acceleration and a more responsive driving experience.
•    Enhanced Durability: Upgraded piping is often constructed from stronger materials, handling higher boost pressures with ease.


Autobox Has You Covered (Literally!)
At Autobox, we understand the importance of keeping your 4WD running strong. That's why we stock a wide range of intercooler upgrade piping kits for popular 4WD models. From the rugged terrain of the Outback to the scenic coastal drives, we have the perfect kit to unleash your vehicle's potential.


Here's what sets Autobox apart:
•    Same Day Dispatch: Order your in-stock intercooler upgrade piping kit before 12 PM AEST and we'll dispatch it the same day! Get back on the road faster and experience the performance upgrade sooner.
•    30-Day Money Back Guarantee: Not satisfied with your purchase? No worries! We offer a 30-day money back guarantee for complete peace of mind on all unused items (see returns policy on website).
•    Australian Owned & Operated: We're a local business based in Carrum Downs, Victoria. When you shop with Autobox, you're supporting the Australian economy.


Upgrade Your 4WD Today!
Don't wait any longer to unlock the true potential of your 4WD. Visit Autobox today and browse our selection of intercooler upgrade piping kits. With same-day dispatch and a money-back guarantee, there's no better time to invest in your vehicle's performance.


Remember, for the best performance and peace of mind, choose Autobox – your one-stop shop for all your 4WD upgrade needs!

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