Motorcycle Accessories

Don’t leave your beloved motorbike out in the weather. A waterproof motorcycle cover from Autobox will protect your motorbike from moisture, dust, and a lot more. Covers are the most vital motorcycle accessories for all types of bikes and motorcycle enthusiasts.

A Motorcycle Cover with a Secure Fit

The most important feature of any motorcycle cover is a good fit. It can only protect your bike if it stays securely in place. Autobox offers a range of styles and sizes to accommodate a range of motorbikes. If your motorbike has saddle bags, choose a cover suited to its design.  The Stormguard cover from Autotecnica features two anti-condensation air breathers for venting. It helps keep moisture out while the fitted elasticised security straps and hem provide a snug fit.

For motorbikes without saddlebags, our fully waterproof Storm Jacket fits bikes up to 1300cc in size. We even have covers for scooters to protect motorbikes in most sizes. Our motorcycle accessories include everything you need for bikes used for show or just for transportation.

If you need an indoor motorcycle cover that won’t damage your show bike, we have you covered. Protect your investment from dust and pollutants while storing it inside. Our motorcycles accessories fit a broad range of motorbike styles and brands.

Why You Need a Motorcycle Cover

Most bikers love to spend hours on their motorcycles. When it’s time to call it a day, you need a good barrier to protect your bike from the temperamental Australian climate. An indoor motorcycle cover provides light protection against dust and fingerprints, while heavier waterproof outdoor covers perform under the worst conditions.

Autobox makes it easy and affordable to get the motorcycle accessories you need quickly. We are one of Australia’s favourite auto parts supply stores. We keep a large number of parts in stock in our warehouse, so they are ready to ship out as soon as you place your order. You don’t have to wait to get repair or replacement parts.

You shouldn’t have to pay top dollar to get top-quality motorcycle covers and accessories you can trust. We know how important it is to buy parts with confidence that you are getting a product that performs. We have something for almost every motorbike and every type of use.

Browse our collection of motorcycle covers and get the protection you need to keep your motorbike in pristine conditions. We share your passion for anything to do with cars – 4WDing, caravanning, and camping. We’re here to help make your experience an even more enjoyable one with the parts you need to get optimal performance. If you have questions about any of our products, contact us with the online contact form or email us at